Love has been redefined by our culture. A culture that is engrained in selfishness. A culture that tells you that life is a mad rush to get all that you can and get it when you want it. This cultural attitude has trained our minds to think that love is something that gets us what we want. That love is there for our pleasure and that we should get something for ourselves from love. Teens and young adults often pass by the idea that love is a feeling rather than an action. Love is not sexual pleasure, anytime with anyone. Love is not using a person to get what you want. Love is mutual. Love is an emotional feeling one gets when he sees a beautiful girl in his 4th period. Love is the desire to have someone in your life to turn to in a time of crisis. Someone you trust with your life, someone who is always there to lift you up. Someone who lends their shoulder whenever you need someone to lean on. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love isn’t selfish, and never has been. Love is selfless. One should ask not what a loving relationship can do for them, but what they can do to strengthen the relationship and make the other person better.

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