You were in my dreams again last night.

You always seem to be in my dreams these days. 

It’s funny

Because when we were together,

I don’t remember dreaming of you,

But maybe that’s because my dreams had come true

And I was with you everyday,

Loving, laughing, learning, living.

But now,

Now that I made the mistake of letting you go,

The universe decides to punish me every night

With images of what we could’ve been

And replays of what we had been

And possibilities of what we should’ve been.

I cannot blame the universe 

For you haunting my dreams. 

I can only blame myself. 

Because every morning when I wake up 

From another dream,

Another world where we’re still together

And I didn’t screw up and you still loved me,

I go through my day 

Looking forward to putting my head back on my pillow

So my mind can take me away from this place where I have to see you everyday 

And know that I cannot touch you anymore,

Where I have to listen to you everyday 

And know that you aren’t speaking to me,

Where I have to look at you laugh

And know that I am not the reason for it,

Where there is no us. 

My dreams have become my favorite place,

Because when I’m asleep anything is possible.

You were in my dreams again last night,

And I wouldn’t be surprised if we met again the next time I close my eyes.
– m.f.


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