The What If’s

What if she said Hey to me before class? What if she asked what my name was while the teacher was talking? What would I say? What if she started texting me, and we talked until the early morning hours? What if we became friends? How would I act? What if we began walking the halls together? What if we began laughing and cracking jokes in class? What if we became best friends? How would I feel? What if we began to hang out in groups at parties? What if I began to feel that tug of my heart strings when we made eye contact? What if I told her friends that she was the one? What if we began hanging out together, alone? What would I say? What if I was unsure if she felt love for me? What if I began acting in a kind and loving way toward her? Would she notice? What if I asked her on a date? Would she say yes? What if she, my best friend, became by girlfriend? Would she love me without fail? Would she always tell me the truth? Would it tear her away from other friendships? Would it last forever? These are the wonders of a young boy’s mind as he searches for love that won’t break his heart for the first time. He is uncertain, and always finds himself asking, 

What If…

  • Guest Writer

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