The Universe

She looks at him hard before she says it. “Everybody’s the same. We’re all here. We’re all human. We all want money, a nice job, a fancy house, a spouse, a family, nice things to show that life hasn’t beaten us down. We all live and eventually we all die. We aren’t different from each other.” He just looks at her, in disbelief and awe, that this beautiful girl that made him believe in the universe could think such minimal things about the world. Maybe they saw things differently. Maybe his head was up in the clouds and she was stuck on the ground. But he could not fathom that she thought every human being was the same. “That cannot be possible. Because you are you. And I am me. And they are they, no matter what. We are all made up of different things, made from different stars. We are built from our own losses, our own triumphs. We’ve fought and won, battled and lost. We’ve all lived on the earth and conquered different demons. How can the universe create everyone the same?” She thought about it. He had a point and every sentence he spoke made him more and more beautiful. She was always so afraid to believe in anything, God or love or otherwise. But this beautiful boy with his head in the clouds made her want to leave her place on the ground and go float up in space with him. She saw the world as monotone and lonely and he saw it as the brightest colours and lovely. But maybe that’s why the universe had conspired to put them in the other’s path. Maybe he was floating too high, too close to the sun, and one day he would tumble down, hard, like Icarus. And maybe the universe was terrified of losing a person like him. So she would drag him down, just a little bit, to save his beautiful soul, and in the process, maybe she would be brought off the ground, and she could see the world in a whole new perspective. Maybe, he was wrong after all. 

Maybe they were made from the same star.

  • e.o.

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