The Moon and The Tide

They compare her to the Milky Way. Her love is the only known source of life that the people of this world know. The moon dots her eyes and the galaxies spread across her lips. Her mind is home to a vast array of cosmoses that no other can compare to. The birth and death of every star, every planet, every nebula is written across her skin. Stardust is in her bones, in her hair, in her blood. Her body is made up of every inch, known and unknown,of the universe. But people nowadays do not care to study astronomy. In losing the flowing complexities of the universe, they have lost the flowing complexity of her. The moon may dot her eyes, but she cannot see it reflected back in someone else’s. If only they had known, that her smile was brighter than the sun’s rays. If only they had known that her heart was filled to the brim with  every beautiful thing in the universe. If only they had known her laugh was the sound of stars being born, planets being made. If only they had known that she was not beautiful like the sun rising or setting, or like crystal beaches. If only they could see that she was beautiful like a meteor shower, falling and crashing, but lighting up the night. But the universe is not just beautiful stars and galaxies with no end. They are full of black holes and stars too hot to touch. Beautiful from afar, but up close, hard to handle. If only people took more interest in astronomy, she would have always felt loved. If only she knew there were people that spent their whole lives staring up at the sky. Maybe then she would not have floated away.

He was always compared to the ocean. Beautiful scenery, warm waters, and home to more life than what lives on the land. People saw him and saw the warms waters and wanted to drown themselves in whatever was underneath. His hair was the crashing waves and the rising tides. There were coral reefs and countless ecosystems that flourished and colored vibrantly under the shimmering of the sun. And as people took timid steps into the water and felt its warmth, they took more in until they got to the place where the sun cannot shine and fled in fear, for he was not the warm place full of the life they once thought he was. If only they knew his eyes showed the secrets of the ocean no one knew about. If only they knew that his soul was the same as the waves crashing on the sand, boundless and always crashing. If only people cared more about the oceans at our feet he would have felt needed. If only he knew there were people who relished in his cold waters. Maybe then he would not try so hard to wash away the footprints on the beach.

If only either of them knew that the moon and the tides were connected. If only they knew that the moon dragged the tide away from being sucked in forever. If only they knew the ocean spent half its life reflecting the moon back its beauty. Maybe then they would have known that there is a person out there that makes you something bigger than yourself.

  • e.o.

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