Words are the greatest weapon that has ever been created by mankind. Thousands of languages branching off from another. Thousands of words to describe the exact things. Millions of phrases that have started and ended wars. Billions of words that have saved and killed lives. Hundreds of doctrines that have attempted to end famine. Tens of thousands of books that have created endless worlds that we could never fathom or comprehend. These words that kill. These words that love. These words that become more than words. They create alternate realities and twist the one you live in. It’s words you fall for, words that break you. Words that come in the right order at the right time. Words that can break you, change you, raze you. Words that can change the world. Words that can end it. Words that can do anything you want them to, if you know how to use them. Words are the only weapons that do not cost anything, and that can build up as much as they destroy. It’s words that are important. But it’s always words that are forgotten. 

  • e.o.

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