7 Things They Won’t Tell You About Heartbreak

  1. It’s not, and it never was, your fault. Sometimes feelings change. Sometimes people change. And there’s nothing you can do about it. 
  2. Being heartbroken doesn’t mean you are broken. You are full and you are loved and you are enough. 
  3. The hurt doesn’t go away right away. I don’t think it ever really does. 
  4. One day, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day, you won’t feel sick when you look at them. 
  5. You are worth so much more than a person who couldn’t see the galaxy growing inside of you.
  6. There are brighter days ahead. There will be days in your future when you will laugh and not wonder if they can see. Where you can wear the shirt you wore on the first date and not think about how they told you that you were beautiful. Where you can make it through your day without thinking about their favourite song on the radio, or their favourite restaurant, or the smell of their cologne. There will be days that aren’t filled to the brim with them.
  7. You have to forgive them, but you should never forget. They are a part of you, and they will always be. Cherish that chapter in your life. And then begin a new one.
  • e.o.

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