Once upon a time, there was a young girl. She lived in the fairytale world of pixies and nymphs and the only danger was getting sunburnt. The world was a magical place, full of wonder and mystery and every person she met was a new friend. There were no races, no genders, no discriminations just people living with people. And all was as it should always be. But time wore on and the bright world of rainbows and sunshine turned into a dark one of shadows and monsters. The darkness of your skin could kill you and the body you live in could control the course of your life. The people she met were liars and thieves and all she knew was nothing was as it had been and that nothing would ever be that way again. She searched for a way out, for a way back to her fairytale land but all that was there was blackness. There would be moments however, of brilliant clarity where the not-so-little girl could see behind the curtains over our eyes. She saw that the color of your skin did not matter and the parts of your body did not matter and that your disabilities or injuries did not matter. She saw that there was a place, if she could get there, that was bright and beautiful as she had once known the entire universe to be. She discovered that the darkness can choke you and terrify you and raze you. But with the dark comes the stars. And she has never known anything to be more wonderful and dazzling than a star. 

Be brave friends, even the darkest hours have stars that shine. 

  • e.o.

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