People tell me all the time

that I look just like my mother,

same eyes, same smile,

same face shape, same hair color.

I inherited a lot from her

and it runs deeper than looks.

I’d like to believe I also inherited her intelligence

and her kindness

and her humor,

but I’m not quite positive I did.


I’ve been obsessed with chocolate

just like my mother

for as long as I can remember,

and we always enjoy

watching the same TV shows,

and I hate brusselsprouts

just as much as she does,

but what about the stuff

that runs even deeper than that?

I think

my lack of commitment

and my trust issues

and the absence in my eyes

can all be traced back

to my father’s genes.

Did I inherit his tendency

to drink away my problems also?

Or what about his uncanny ability to lie,

is that in me too?

All these good qualities in me

are thanks to my mother,

but I’m afraid I inherited

all of my father’s worst traits.

The only thing I can pray for now,

is that I don’t inherit his future as well.

  • m.f.

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