we’re all runners.

I’ve never been a fast runner,

my body just wasn’t built for it.

My legs too short,

my strides too small.

I discovered this fact

when I was young

and I watched the world zoom past me,

so fast-paced and quick,

and I simply couldn’t catch up.

I became enveloped

in keeping up with the latest fads

and staying up to date with the trends

that I never had the chance

to take a breath.

It was all

be like this,

wear that,

look like her,

date him,

buy those,

drink these,

do everything.

So I kept running,

and I kept sprinting

until my lungs were burning

and my head was dizzy

and my legs were lead

and I couldn’t take another step.


So I stopped.

And I caught my breath.

And I cleared my head.

I realized I didn’t have to keep up

with these trends and these fads,

and I didn’t have to listen to the world

telling me how to live my life,

because while it’s a

fast-paced earth we live on,

no one’s ticketing you

for going too slow or too quick.

I think deep down we’re all runners,

some of us marathoners,

some of us sprinters,

joggers or speedsters,

slow or fast,

and I think if we

let the world dictate our speed,

then we’d all be running the same race.

So whether we’re running from our problems,

or running towards our goals,

we have the power to choose

if we sprint

or if we jog

or even if we walk

because we’re all trying

to finish our own race.

  • m.f.

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