an ode to you.

I never knew I was capable

of loving a person

as much as I love you.

You’re a star,

a galaxy,

a supernova,

a solar system.

You’re out of this world,

crafted by the hands

of God himself.

Made with a heart of gold

and eyes that twinkle

and a smile so bright

it could replace the sun.

In all my years of living,

I had never really lived

until I met you.

A person so beautiful,




I had trouble believing

you were even real.

You breathed life into my lungs

and brought light to my eyes,

you gave me a piece of yourself

in hopes I’d become

even half of what you are.

But I could never

exude as much happiness as you

or behave as kind as you

or hold as much patience as you

or emit as much joy as you.

But I don’t want to be you,

not because I don’t love you,

but because you are one of a kind

and I would never

take away that uniqueness from you.

There’s nothing I’d love more

than to just be a part of your life

because that alone is a privilege

I’d never take for granted.

I love the stars.

I love the galaxies.

I love the supernovas.

I love the solar system.

But I love you most of all.

You’re so out of this world,

and maybe that’s why

the earth doesn’t deserve you.


  • m.f.

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