Reckless and Outgrown

There was once a little girl with tears on her cheeks, for she had lost a toy bear. She was six. That little toy bear meant everything to her and was the sole embodiment of her passion and joy. She lost this bear because she had been too reckless with it. She would carry it loosely, take it everywhere and leave it behind, only to remember it minutes later. She lost it at a hotel, on a family trip and didn’t remember until they were halfway home and couldn’t go back. Two years later, that girl got a bike, one of her very own. She rode that bike everywhere that her parents allowed. But like all good things, she began to outgrow it. The little girl was growing out of her first step to freedom. She didn’t cry this time, because she was a big girl and knew that she could always get a new bike, but secretly, she was dreading the day she would have to give up her bike, because it was the sweetest taste of life she had experienced in all of her eight short years. Now that little girl is 16 and not so little anymore. She lost the only thing more important to her than her own life. She questioned where she went wrong, how she could fix it, IF she could fix it. But then she thought, maybe she had been too reckless with him. Maybe she had held his hand too loosely and didn’t pay him enough attention. Maybe he began to outgrow her. Maybe he decided that she wasn’t the taste of life he wanted. Maybe she was too much of herself for him. 



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