more or less.

Now we sit on opposite sides of the room,

separated by space and a broken relationship.


We used to be

such good friends,

but mistook it for something more,

wanted it to be something more,

tried to be something more.

We were never meant to be something more.


Now instead of more,

we’re something less.

Acquaintances but not friends,

classmates but not friends,

exes but not friends.

Why couldn’t we just stay friends?


Our once close bond

was made awkward

by a distant effort at a relationship.

We wanted so much more

and ended being so much less.


Regardless, we had a long history,

full of mores and lesses,

but this time was different.

This time we tried to be more than we had ever been,

but we became less than there ever was.

And I apologize for that.


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