routines are overrated.

My life was a mix

of monotony and routine.

Nothing changed.

Everything stayed the same.


But my gray and boring life

became so much more

when I met you.

You splashed me

with blues and oranges and pinks

and your laugh was so contagious

and your spontaneity amazed me.


But the way you made me feel,

I knew I would never be the same.

Being with you

felt like your stomach dropping

at the top of a rollercoaster,

felt like looking out the window

of a glass skyscraper,

felt like falling back on someone

and having them catch you,

felt like looking at the view

after climbing a mountain,

felt like falling in love.


Being with you

splashed color into my life,

interrupted my monotony,

messed up my routines,

and made me fall in love.

With you,

everything changed.

Nothing stayed the same.


  • m.f.

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