Dear Mom

Your title does not do you justice

because what you mean to me is so much  more.

You were  my solid rock

when I was sinking in the sand.

You were a soldier

when I could no longer stand.

You were my wings

when I didn’t know how to fly.

You were open arms

when all I need was to cry.

You were my compass

when I lost my way.

You were my encouragement

when I couldn’t face the day.

You were my heartbeat

when I didn’t want this life.

You were my forgiveness

when all I could offer was strife.

You were my glue

when I had to piece myself back together.

You were my shelter

when I was stuck in stormy weather.

You were my anchor

when I was lost at sea.

You were my reminder

when I forgot how to be me.

You were, are , always will be my mother

and I can’t thank you enough.

  • m.f.

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