learning isn’t fun anymore.

Six years old,

bright eyed and bushy tailed,

excited to go to school.

Then we got there

and we scribbled all over our papers,

and colored outside of the lines,

and we were reprimanded

for being too excited

and too carefree.

They told us to color in the lines

because it looks nicer,

because that’s why the lines are there,

because they want everyone’s

to look the exact same.


Sixteen years old,

tired eyes and stressful lives,

learning is no longer exciting.

But we still go to school everyday.

And we’re still reprimanded

for being different,

for thinking outside of the box.

They reject our ideas

and tell us our dreams

aren’t realistic enough.

They tear us down

and say it’s our own fault.

They told us to stay in line

because it makes things easier,

because that’s what rules are for,

because they want everyone

to be the exact same.


Twenty-Six years old,

lifeless eyes and crushed dreams

work was never exciting.

Here we are,

coloring in the lines

painted by society,

too scared to be creative,

to think outside the box,

to color outside of the lines,

because we’d been reprimanded

for doing so all our lives.

So we obeyed the rules

and paid close attention to the lines,

and now we’re all

the exact same.

They chipped away

our creative souls.

They oppressed

our creative minds.

They destroyed

our creative hearts.

And they stifled

our creative breaths

until we were all left

with lifeless eyes and crushed dreams

instead of

bright eyes and bushy tails.

  • m.f.

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