The First Kiss

The first time his lips touched mine

The first time her lips touched mine

I felt something new.

              I felt alive.

I felt like a kid on Christmas morning.

I felt like a kid on Halloween night.

I felt like the person that laughs too hard at a joke.

I felt like that person who never fails to smile.

I felt like someone playing with their new puppy.

I felt like parents seeing their child for the very first time.

I felt like a girl having her first kiss.

I felt like a boy having his first kiss.

I felt happy.

I felt weightless.

But I had to warn him of dangers ahead.

But she foretold of reckless waters.

I told him my lips were good and bad,

She said her lips were both light and dark,

That I used them to tell lies,

Used to twist reality,

But they’re the same ones I use to apologize,

And used to save a life,

That I use them to say hurtful things,

That she used them to tear down,

But also to tell him how he makes me feel.

But also to build up stronger than ever.

I tried to use them to warn him

She used them to try and save me

But he threw caution to the wind

But I’m too far gone inside her beautiful brain

And kissed me until my lips held no hesitation,

And I kissed her with everything in me,

Only happiness.

Especially happiness.

Have I known you forever?

  • e.o. & m.f.

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