In & Out of Love

One may say

We “fell out of love”

Because there was no big fight,

Because there was no huge scandal,

Because there was no misunderstanding.


There was was also

No love,

No spark,

No flame,

No fireworks.

You did nothing wrong,

Perhaps there was a lot I did wrong.

Maybe you aren’t

The one for me,

Nor I for you.

Maybe in another life

We could’ve been something special.

Maybe we’ll have

A peaceful ending.

Maybe the stars

Didn’t agree with our decisions.

Maybe we were two puzzle pieces

Belonging to two different pictures,

Never destined to be together.


But now,

Now I have to find

My completed puzzle.

I have to find

My fate that’s written in the stars.

I have to find

My happy ending.

I have to find

My someone special in this life.

I have to find

The one I’m meant to be with.
One might say

We fell out of love.

But I question that.

Were we ever

Really in love

To begin with?

Or were we

Doomed from the start?



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