life goes on.

Fifteen. Young and foolish.

Thinking this love will last forever.

Believing you can do anything you want.

Dreaming of the perfect future.

Planning how they’ll live their lives together.


Twenty Three. A little less young and a little less foolish.

Thinking you can salvage this relationship.

Believing the world is anything you want it to be.

Dreaming of having a perfect family.

Planning how they can be successful in this lifetime.


Forty One. Older and wiser.

Thinking that this marriage is a dead end.

Believing there’s got to be something better for their lives.

Dreaming of the days with no responsibilities.

Planning how their going to pay for their kids to get through college.

Sixty Five. Just old and wise.

Thinking about where it is they went wrong.

Believing this is all life has to offer.

Dreaming of being young and dumb again so everything seems better.

Planning who gets the little money they have left when they’re dead.

Eighty Seven. Old.

Thinking of how long they’ve got left.

Believing they must have done something right.

Dreaming they could take it all back.

Planning how to live their last days.

One Hundred. Dead and gone.

Thought life was going to be so much better.

Believed they could’ve done something better with their time.

Dreamed of making better decisions.

Planned on everything being better than it turned out to be.

But deep down,

they both knew they were never destined for better,

they weren’t destined for anything.

  • m.f.

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