black & white & everything in between.

You were white, innocent and pure

and everything good in the world.


I was black, corrupt and broken

and all the bad things of the earth.


I had always been overpowering,

spreading my dark color

and my bad decisions

and my negative thoughts.

It took me by surprise

when you splattered into my life

and mixed my blacks with your whites.


Together we created

every shade and every tint of gray

and I learned that not everything has to be put in extremes.

It doesn’t have to be

never or always,

all or nothing,

good or bad,

innocent or tainted,

blacks or whites.



and in betweens,

and okays,

and normals,

and grays.


You taught me I’m not all bad,

and that I have some good parts

in my black, black soul.


  • m.f.

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