The First Date

The first time he took me out,

The first time I took her out,

I didn’t get my hopes up

she wasn’t expecting anything

because it never works out for me.

because of all the pieces of her broken heart lying around her.

But he was determined to prove me wrong.

But I knew I could pick them up.

He took me to a beautiful restaurant

I took her to the best place I could afford

and then we watched the night sky

and showed her the constellations,

in the back of his pick up truck.

all while lying in the back of my ratty old truck.

He pointed at a star

I pointed to the sky

and compared it to me,

and showed her her beauty,

said I was beautiful and bright

told her she was full of light and loveliness

and full of celestial matter.

and filled to the brim with the mysteries of the universe.

I told him I’m also dangerous

She told me she was a riot

and could explode at any moment.

and that she would destroy me in the process.

He said he’d never leave my side,

I told her I could never leave,

even if I implode,

even if she destructs,

even if I burn out,

even if she decimates,

even if I take him down with me.

even if she takes me down with her.

Can something this great last forever?

  • e.o. & m.f.

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