The First Conversation

The first time we spoke,

The first time we spoke,

I knew he wasn’t like anyone else I’d ever known.

I knew she was one-of-a-kind,

He had flames in his soul,

She had stardust in her hair

And fire in his eyes.

And stars in her eyes.

His voice was lower than my motivation and strength,

Her words were sweeter than any honey or sugar,

But for once, I felt like he could raise them.

And for once, they were saved only for me.

He was in love with Europe and Twenty-One Pilots,

She was in love with Captain America and Africa,

And he wasn’t worried of what other people thought of him.

And she didn’t seem to care what anyone else thought.

He was the most vibrant person I’d met in all my years of monotone color.

She was the brightest being I’d seen in all my years in the dark.

And maybe,

And maybe,

Just maybe,

Just maybe,

He looked at me,

She looked at me,

And saw someone just as colorful,

And saw the moon,

Able to compliment him perfectly.

Able to show her how brightly she shines.

Can someone that perfect really be mine?

  • e.o. & m.f.

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