The Truth Underneath

The sky was exactly how you always imagine it should be on a day like this: gray and bleak, with dark rain clouds that cover even the thought of sun. I asked Him to make it this way, so that the bright, happy sun didn’t take away from a day of mourning. Because no matter what your religion tells you, the old saying is true: Death doesn’t let you say goodbye. And He definitely doesn’t take you away quick and painless. All of the books and movies are wrong. Dying hurts like hell. But then, maybe that’s the point. Maybe Death’s giving you a taste of what the rest of eternity could be, if you didn’t make the right decisions. Maybe the people going down don’t feel a thing. Yet, then again, maybe I’ve just imagined everything. Maybe I’m just floating and maybe there is no life after He takes you away. I hope for their sake, and mine, that there really is something. Death’s taken so much from them that all they have is hope. All I have is hope. I hope that maybe they won’t cry, not for me. I hope that my family can pick themselves up again. I hope that my best friend really listens to my last words. I hope that he can move on, and that he won’t blame himself. And most of all, I hope that I can tell this story and save someone. After all, Death isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. He’s just an angel with too much power.

to be continued…

  • e.o.

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